How to choose a good insurance agent?

It is essential to have a good insurance agent who can really advise us, finding suitable products for our needs. And also to help us and be on our side when things happen. How can we choose it? Here are some characteristics that we should look for in it.

1. The first and most important thing: that you show us your identity card issued by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission, which is the document that authorizes you to operate as such. If you don't have it, let's run away.

2. That he knows not only the policies he sells, but the insurance market in general. Extensive knowledge of the business, the laws, the risks and the establishment of an insurance culture in general is something that simple training does not provide and it is difficult to acquire, but it is essential for adequate advice.

3. That he knows how to earn our trust. That you are aware of the importance of insurance within our personal finances (and our business); in general, of the role they play in our life as a patrimonial protection mechanism. We must be aware that in order to choose the best insurance scheme, we will have to entrust our financial situation, our concerns, and so on.

In this sense, it is good that the agent himself has his own privacy notice, in which he communicates what is the treatment that he will give to our personal data (it must be confidential, because some may be sensitive). There are insurance agents who hide behind saying that the insurance companies have it, they even give us that of the insurer, but they must also have their own because they are independent professionals, they are not employees of the insurers.

4. As far as possible, that he works with several insurance companies and that he can explain to us why one is better than the other in a certain field. Many insurance agents receive special bonuses or commissions for increasing their sales with a certain insurer. We must verify that our agent gives us compelling reasons and arguments and that the choice of company is based solely on the fact that the terms and conditions offered are the most appropriate for our needs.

Many times a small company that can offer us very competitive life insurance in medical expenses may not have the coverage and the hospital network necessary to offer direct payment service in any institution. We must always choose the insurance company that offers us the highest added value in each branch, not the one that gives our agent the best commission. 

Nor is it necessary that all our policies be contracted with the same insurer. There are those that are generalists, offering all lines of business, while others are specialists in certain branches and may have a much higher value offer.

What is usually important is continuity and establishing a long-term relationship with our suppliers. Especially in medical expenses, it may not be easy to change insurance if we have or have developed a condition, so choosing well from the beginning is essential.

5. Know how to earn your commission. The income of the insurance agent must be based on his capacity and quality in the advice, that is, by the added value that he can provide, and not by his sales volume. If our agent is not willing to put our needs before his commission, it is better to find someone else.

6. That you provide us with an excellent service, that you have the disposition to clearly explain all our doubts, the scope of the coverage, the exclusions, etc. Make sure you look for a meeting with us at least once a year, in advance of the expiration of our policies, in order to discuss the points related to renewal.

 In the event that our payments are split, worry about notifying us in advance and charging us promptly, since if our payment is delayed for a single day after the legal deadline and a claim occurs, the insurance company will be completely free to reject it. . That you know perfectly what the procedures are in case of disaster and that you have the ability to advise and represent us in the event that one occurs.

7. It is desirable that our insurance agent be affiliated with the Mexican Association of Insurance and Bond Agents AC (AMASFAC), since this trade association offers a lot of market information, additional training, access to conferences, among many other activities.


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