8 Morning Habits That Help You Lose Weight: Number 8 is The Best

No matter what your weight loss goals are, losing weight can feel impossible at times. However, shedding a few pounds doesn’t have to involve a complete overhaul of your current diet and lifestyle.

In fact, making a few small changes to your morning routine can help you lose weight and keep it off. This article lists 8 simple morning habits to incorporate into your regimen to aid your weight loss efforts.

1. Work Out Before Breakfast

Do some moderate exercise before you sit down to eat in the mornings. Working out on an empty stomach actually helps you get better results from exercise. Prebreakfast sweat sessions can help you burn more of your body’s fat for fuel.

2. Drink a Glass (or 2) of Water

One or two glasses of plain H2O before you eat breakfast may help you lose weight. Water has no calories, but it’s satisfying and curbs your appetite, so you may not want to eat such a big breakfast afterward. It also stimulates your metabolism to help you burn calories.

3. Eat a High-Protein Breakfast

This nutrient may help you lose weight because it makes you feel fuller longer after you eat. It’s also harder for your body to store it as excess fat. Another perk of protein: Your body uses more calories to break it down than it uses for carbs or fat. Go for protein-rich breakfasts, such as an egg and turkey sausage on whole wheat toast or a Greek yogurt smoothie with peanut butter and berries. 

4. Get Some Sun

Some sunlight on your skin can actually help you burn a little bit more body fat. Research shows that people who soak up a few rays in the morning tend to have a lower body-mass index (BMI), or a leaner, slimmer physique, than people who step out in the sun later in the day.

5. Don’t Dress Up Your Coffee

Do you have your dessert in your coffee cup each morning? Specialty coffees with lots of added sugar, cream, or flavored syrups can add up to more than 500 calories each. Use skim milk or sugar-free flavors instead. Or try green tea for a morning jolt. It has catechins, nutrients that may promote weight loss. 

6. Add Hot Sauce to Your Eggs

The heat in spicy chili peppers may help you lose weight. Regularly eating capsaicinoids, the hot chemical in chili peppers, can reduce body fat, curb your appetite, and even boost your metabolism, so you burn more fat all day. Spice up your morning omelet with diced hot peppers or add a dash or two of hot sauce.

7. Get Enough Shut-Eye

Too little sleep each night can fuel your appetite all day long, which can lead to weight gain. You may also be more likely to skip your workout if you’re pooped. Make sure you’re catching enough ZZZs every night. Stick to a regular bedtime, and find ways to control your stress so you can relax and snooze until it’s time to get up.

8. The Greatest Step Forward in Weight Loss History

Scientists have recently discovered an incredible thing that melts belly fat! Now you can lose weight without changing your diet or exercising! 

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