What is an insurance comparator?

What does an insurance comparator do?

Today, there is a wide range of insurance that allows the driver to choose between different options and at very competitive prices. And although there are several insurance companies that could protect your car, knowing what each one offers implies having to invest a lot of time to inform yourself.

Therefore, online comparators help Mexicans to find the coverage and prices of several companies in one place. There are different types of simulators such as that of the National Commission for the Defense and Protection of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) and Rastreator México , whose main attribute is that it presents the information of each insurer in an impartial and personalized way, enabling direct and fast.

1. Why use an insurance comparator?

Comparing is a natural act in the human being, according to economic theories of rational choice. This is because we humans make sure that what we are buying is the best product on the market, because we all like to have the best offer and pay an accessible and fair price . So why not also shop around for something as vital as auto insurance?

As we have mentioned, the main mission of insurance comparators is to make it easier for car owners to find auto insurance. So by using an insurance quote you are saving time and money.

Why am I saving time and money? Simple! Because in a single portal you are analyzing all the options on the market for your car.

2. How does an insurance comparator work?

Through a simple form, Rastreator collects information about the vehicle to be insured and the person who drives it. In a couple of minutes, the platform shows in a single page all the coverages that each insurer offers in a personalized way.

3. What data do insurance comparators request to calculate the price?

Since not all drivers or all cars have the same needs, it is important to note that insurance responds in a particular way to what you may need, such as Total Theft, Medical Expenses to Occupants, complete Roadside Assistance that includes a tow truck or simply Civil Liability.

That is why the Rastreator search engine collects both technical information from the vehicle and the driver. Therefore, the information that is required is the one that directly influences the price of the insurance, among the data that are asked are:

  • Technical data of the car. Since the main asset that is being insured when purchasing insurance is the car, your data is vital to calculate the policy, such as make, model, year and version.

  • Driver data . Now, the person who drives it is also important for the insurance companies, since he is the one who uses the car and who, so to speak, is exposed to a claim. So the comparer uses the most relevant data that can influence the price of insurance such as age, zip code and gender.

With this information, Rastreator communicates remotely and in real time with the insurers so that they can show you the prices and coverage that best suit the particular characteristics of the car and the driver.

4. What does Rastreator México do?

Rastreator is the first online insurance comparator that allows its users to contract directly with the insurer . The Rastreator Mexico model comes from its counterpart in Spain, Rastreator.com

In its beginnings, Rastreator Spain was a milestone in its country of origin, as it was the first insurance comparator. Today it is a benchmark in the sector because in addition to comparing car policies, it also has a calculator for motorcycle, home, health, life, travel, and business coverage, among others.

Both comparators belong to the Admiral group which is a pioneer in comparison online portals. Currently, Admiral has six comparison portals in the world: Confused.com (United Kingdom), Lelynx.fr (France) Rastreator.com (Spain), Rastreator.mx (Mexico), Tamoniki.com (Turkey) and GoSahi. com (India).

This year, Rastreator México celebrates two years in the Mexican country and has helped more than 300 thousand motorists to purchase their auto insurance. The Rastreator.mx form seeks to streamline the data collection processes of the insurers so that the user can choose and contract the vehicle policy in a matter of minutes.

Despite the great challenge that Rastreator has faced in the Mexican country, it maintains the mission of consolidating confidence and value in the insurance sector. Well, one of the benefits of Rastreator for both users and insurers is to establish direct communication, that is, insureds can contract, resolve doubts or request changes to their policy without having to go through intermediaries.

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